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Sunday, January 8, 2012


Dr. Mahathir does not believe that the tunnel link is visionary (chedet, Jan. 7). Najib thinks it is.

Which is more strategic for the country, the tunnel or the scenic bridge? If he cannot foresee beyond his nose then Malaysia has a problem of tsunamic proprtions! Is it our neighbour holding him back?

Everyone knows that with the bridge, shipping time to Tg. Pelepas and Kuantan ports will be faster because they do not have to go around Singapore. Understandably, the latter's maritime volume may diminished to some extent.

"I hear you", frequently proclaimed by Najib is pure bull. What comes to the right ear goes out to the left and vice-versa. If he can play deaf to the Sultan of Johor and Dr. Mahathir, whatmore to the people of Johore and others. Apparently he can do what he likes. The bridge is a foregone conclusion as long he is the PM.

The UMNO-BN politics may seem to gain some grounds. Actually, the turmoil in the opposition parties deceivingly makes it looks gaining strength. We await if the PR leader is interned in Sg. Buloh then none is going to sing that he is king from a wheeled-throne.

Najib wants to get done with the GE13 but not confident of popular vote. . So he is playing by the ear. For his weak and clueless leadership, the GE can be delayed to next year and still he would not be able to prove himself. The great many years in politics has given him the art of nothingness and rhetorics.

The rakyat has no choice but to give him more rope to bind himself. Let him waste money for vote incentives. Of course the country and the next generation will suffer.

He said that university students hould be up-to-date with knowledge and we need to communicate with the language of technology. The language of technology is English. By abolishing PPSMI he is promoting 'poke eye' English. Too often, he is a man of contradictions.

He is talking about being innovative. Realizing it or not he is herding towards herd mentality with the 1Finger poke.

Are the APCO, CIA and Singapore hold the secret of Althantuya? If so they have a firm grip on Malaysia. Her ghost is Malaysia's burden.

Believe me, this would not happen:

"6. When completed I hope the causeway and the railway line will be removed. We will not need them anymore. Then water will flow east west and vice-versa. And small boats will be able to use the Tebrau Straits without having to go around south of Singapore." (chedet, Jan 7)

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