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Thursday, April 11, 2013



The books indicated below have been posted in another of SAVE's  blog, quite sometimes ago and now offered at reduced price. Many others are not listed yet. My libraries at 3 locations are overflowing!

To order: 
                 Indicate book number
                 Give name and address
Payment:  To include postage and handling charges to be advised accordingly. Inform us when payment deposited into CIMB account 12150000107093 due to Shaharudin Saamin.

Note: Discounted prices valid for Malaysia only.


56. Words as an Elixir. Nadya A Shaharudin. 2001. Univision Press, K Lumpur, 77pp. Softcover, L format, new. RM20 (poem anthology published by my daughter at 13 yrs old)

55. Through the Lens. Lam Seng Fatt. 1996. Berita Publ, K Lumpur, 144pp. Softcover, mint. RM9

54. Warkah Al-Ikhlas 1818-1821. Badriyah Salleh. 1999. Dewan Bahasa Pustaka, K Lumpur, 270pp. Softcover, new. RM9

53. Sago Palm: Metroxylon sagu Rottb. M. Flach. 1997. IPGRI, Rome, 76pp. Softcover, new RM8

52. Handbook for the Home. 1973 Yearbook of Agricultute. USDA, Washington, 388pp. Hdcover, fair, RM8

51. Rehabilitation of Citrus Industry in the Asia Pacific Region: Proc 6th Int Asia Pacific Workshop Integrated Citrus Health Management, K Lumpur, 1991. UNDP-FAO, 213pp. Softcover, L format, good. RM8

50. Mahathir, Anwar, Konspirasi, Reformasi, Kopikasi, Wangkasi, Tak Ada Kasi. Syed Hussein Al Attas. 1998. Jaharah Enterprise, K Lumpur, 264pp. Softcover, new. RM7

49. Integrated Control Arthropod, Disease and Weed Pests of Cotton, Grain Sorghum and Deciduous Fruits: Proc US-USSR Symp, Texas, 1975. USDA, Washington, 216pp. Softcover, L format, good cond. RM7

48. Beberapa Aspek ‘Ilm al-Kalam Mengikut Ibn Taymiyyah. Mohammad Kamil Majid. 1993. Penerbit Media Ilmu, Cheras, 142pp. Softcover, new. RM6

47. The Unmaking of a Mayor. W.F. Buckley Jr. 1967. Bantam Books, New York, 387pp. Ppback, good cond. RM6

46. Panduan Penternakan Bebiri. 1989. Ibu Pejabat Perkhidmatan Haiwan, K Lumpur, 67pp. Softcover, mint cond. RM6

45. Menghasilkan Pakan Alami untuk Ikan Hias. Yusuf Bachtiar. 2003. Agromedia, Jakarta, 76ms. Softcover, gd cond. RM7

44. Child Photography Simplified. S. Szasz. 1978. Amphoto, New York, 97pp. Softcover, gd cond. RM6

43. Handball. Michael Yessis. 1966. WM C Brown Co, Iowa, 72pp. Softcover, gd cond. RM5

42. Tennis. Joan Johnson & Paul Xanthos. 1967. WM C Brown Co, Iowa. Softcover, gd cond. RM5

41. The Gift. Vladimir Nabokov. 1963. Panther Books, London, 333pp. Ppback, fair cond. RM4

40. Dunia Perkahwinan. Siti Normin Ahmad. HMBA Penerbit, Marang, 245ms. Softcover, mint cond. RM4

39. Keluarga Virus Veterinar. Awang IPR. 1991. UPM, Serdang, 74ms. Softcover, gd cond. RM4

38. How to Surf. M. Farrelly & C. McGregor. 1968. Sphere Books, London, 144pp. Ppback, fair cond RM4

37. ABC’s of Air Travel. G. Davidson. 1984. 89pp, softcover, gd cond. RM3

36. Suddenly, at Singapore. G. Black. 1965. Fontana Books, 192pp. Ppback, fair cond. RM3

35. Lieutenant Hornblower. CS Forester. 1957. Pan Books, London, 253pp. Ppback, fair cond. RM3

34. Memories of a Catholic Childhood. M. McCarthy. 1963. Berkley Medallion Books, New York, 224pp. Ppback, fair cond. RM3

33. Building Speaker Enclosures. R.G. Middleton. 1972. Radio Shack, Fort Worth, 95pp. Softcover, gd cond, RM6

32. The Golf Secret. H.A. Murray. 1976. Elliot, UK, 126pp. Ppback, fair cond. RM4

31. Improve Your Cricket. T. Bailey. Penguin, UK, 160pp. Ppback, fair cond. RM4

30. Complete Poetry and Selected Prose by Walt Whitman. J.E. Miller Jr (ed). Houghton Mifflin, Boston, 518pp. Softcover, fine cond. RM11

27. A Literary History of Persia. EG Browne. 2002. Goodword Books, New Delhi, Vols I&II, 568pp. Softcover, mint cond. RM54

26. Lord of the Two Lands. Judith Tarr. 1993. TOR Books, New York, 317pp. Hdcover, new. RM33 (historical fiction of Alexander the Great’s move into Egypt)

25. The Worst Disaster: The Fall of Singapore. R Callahan. 2001. Cultured Lotus, Singapore, 293pp. Softcover, new. RM24

24. Selected Writings of Lafcadio Hearn. 1991. Carol Publishing, New York, 566pp. Softcover, gd cond. RM38 (writings on the soul and mood of 19th century Japan)

23. The Land and Wildlife of Tropical Asia. 1971. Time-Life Books, New York , 200pp. Hdcover, good cond. RM15

22. Rangatira. NB Tindale & HA Lindsay. 1959. AH & AW Reed, Wellington, 208pp. Hdcover, fair cond. RM11 (Polynesian saga)

21. Towards Tomorrow: Essays on Development and Social Transformation of Singapore. 1973. SNTUC, Singapore, 165pp. Softcover, fair cond. RM10

20. Death of a Tycoon. N Davies. 1992. St Martin’s Press, N York, 346pp. Hdcover, new. RM20 (An Insider’s Account of the Fall of Robert Maxwell – a press baron)

19. The Conduct of Elections in Malaysia. 1994. A Rashid Rahman. Berita Publ, K Lumpur, 211pp. Sofcover, mind cond. RM10

18. Dunhill Fairway Gollf: Guide to Golf Courses in Malaysia & Singapore. Golf Publ, P Jaya, 399pp. Hdcover, Gd cond. RM26

17. Graduan: Careers & Employment for Malaysian Fresh Graduates. 2004. Bix Connexion, Ampang, 334pp. Softcover, mint cond. RM10

16. The Art of Printmaking. Softcover, gd cond. RM10 (in Chinese)

15. Understanding Advertising. 1996. Fred Morais. Berita Publ, K Lumpur, 128pp. Softcover, mint cond. RM8

14. Living All the Memories: A Chapter in the Story of the Malayan SPCA. 1996. Ted Miles. Berita Publ, K Lumpur, 96pp. Softcover, mint cond RM6

13. Menghadirkan Pesona Air di Taman. 2002. Murhananto. Agromedia, Jakarta, 63ms. Softcover, new. RM8

12. Aduan Ayam. 2001. Agromedia, Jakarta, 58ms. Softcover, new, RM7

11. Jamur Kuping. 2001. Agromedia, Jakarta, 28ms. Softcover, new. RM6

10. Memilih & Merawat Louhan Kualitas Kontes. 2004. Suwandi Surya. Agromedia, Jakarta. Softcover, new. RM8

9. Koi. 2002. Agromedia, Jakarta. Softcover, mint. RM8

8. Meningkatkan Produktivitas Puyuh. 2006. Zainal Abidin.Agromedia, Jakarta. Softcover, new. RM9

7. Complete Book of Jukado Self-Defense. 1968. B Tegner. Bantam, N York, 256pp. Ppback, fair. RM6

6. The Journals of Lewis and Clark. 1964. J Bakeless. Mentor, N York, 384pp. Ppback, fair. RM6

5. Flight Briefings for Pilots: Associated Ground Subjects. 1977. NH Birch & AE Bramson. Pitman Publ, London, 196pp. Hdcover, gd cond. RM8

4. A Place to Live. The Yearbook of Agriculture. 1963. USDA, Washington, 284pp. Hdcover, gd cond. RM9

Books Published by SAVE

Three books, bibliographic in nature have been published and sold mainly to libraries. 

3) 2005. Bibliograhic Enumeration of Four Centuries of Agriculture and Nature Conservation in Malaysia, 1570-1970. 2nd edn. Published in collaboration with MYAGRI, Nilai. Price RM180*

2) 2006. Bibliographic Compilation of Medicinal, Herbal, Aromatic, Pesticidal & Poisonous Plants of Asia and Oceania: Biodiversity, Ethnobotany & Pharmacognosy. Published in collaboration with UPM. Price RM120*

1) 2007. Bibliography on Research and Development of Sago, Peatland, Associated Soils and Crops. Price RM80*


Cameron Highlands Holiday Apartment

Address: Park View Apartment, Junifer 15-1 Jalan Camelia, Tanah Rata, C Highlands. Close to Maybank.

Features: In-town location, 3 bedroom with 3 bathrooms, water heater, quiet, clean, furnished, kitchen facilities, Astro.

Rate: RM250 non-peak ; RM300 - peak season (weekends, holidays)

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