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Sunday, April 21, 2013


Hundreds of thousands of years before the hunter-gatherer neolithic cave people came to that part of island, Borneo, we orang were already there.

Long, long before that many millions of years ago, series and series of tectonic plate clashes led to continental drift creating the geography of land masses and islands of today.

During the Ice Age, the Malay Archipelago were still much connected by land. When the ice melt combined with earth movements, the land bridges were submerged and what remains is the Sunda shelf. When the land bridges abound we orang crossed to Borneo and elsewhere.

Mankind scientists insist that we orang began early in the family tree of apes. This further prove that we were in Borneo and Lahad Datu eons before man. The Suluk, Bajau, Melayu, Felda etc. are of recent feature.


We orang did not like the Suluks and other ethnics for that matter for they killed us for museum pieces. The worst is the Melayu Felda (Sahabat) of some 20 years ago who burnt vast stretches of our jungle leaving nothing of jungle for us except oil palm which we do not understand. This genocide was done by other people also in other parts of Borneo in Kalimantan and Sarawak.

You call us orang right but look at us. Look at the water. What have you done, you greedy orang! No jungle, no food to feed our babies. Hundreds already dead. Without the jungle all orangs including you will be dead!

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