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Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Two differing reports of remunerations of  GLC top guns are shown below. They are indeed swimming on money of super-duper high income economy. What disparity? Najib's brother was the one who said DEB bastardized now look where he stands in bastardized GLCs!

No wonder the armed forces generals are disgruntled. In the past many retired top brass were given high positions in government/private companies but now entirely left out. While in service they have little opportunity to mingle with the business community, without contacts and influence they stand little chance to hold positions in companies when retired.

Retired lower ranking army personnel such as captains and majors are not too bad because they are sought after by security companies.

The trend is that retired top civil servants monopolised the  silver platter to hold high posts in GLCs and companies.  We know this for a fact eg. has-been KSN is now Chairman of Petronas but then Sidek is of Pahang. If Najib is deeply parochial, keeps has-beens (Isa, Rahim, Hamid ...) and the slumberjack, giving away money like nobody's business could not get 2/3 BN majority then he should resign.

You ask the generals how is life in the army. My brother (arwah), known as Kol. Hassan Mata Merah among his Askar Melayu contemporaries spent years in and out of Betong-Keroh to flush out the communists, survived a 1000-foot heli crash, stayed months in the Sarawak swamps in ambush position, etc. To him "hidup untuk askar, askar untuk hidup". When retired he complained about a corrupt Sg. Udang wakil rakyat. Was he happy playing golf much of the time? I don't know.

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