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Saturday, April 27, 2013


Aftermath of husband-wife Mansoor Adabi and Maria Hertogh a.k.a. Natrah forced separation by the court's order was the Singapore racial riot of July 1964.

LKY shrewedly courted the Malays in the early PAP's political struggle and later methodically marginalised them economically, socially and religously. Cunningly he took Bt. Putih, the price we pay for being stupidly unproactive.

The helmsman, LKY blamed the backwardness of Malays has something to do with Islam. Is it Islam or his grave, racist policy of divisiveness? May such policies follow him to the grave.

Being Israel's protege of the East, a manufacturer of mines - what does he care for Muslims! Yet, Dolah and Najib are scared shit to build the half-way bridge across the Johore Straits.

It is no surprise that DAP inherited the PAP's racist policies. Five years later Malaysia got its racial riot instigated by chauvinistic Chinese parties. It started in Penang on the occassion of Maulidul Rasul procession as happened in Singapore.

James Brooke knew how to handle the Chinese. When the Bau miners rebelled and burnt Kuching, he bombarded them from the Sarawak River. The rebels fled to the jungle towards Sambas, Kalimantan. Brooke let loose the Dyaks and more than a thousand heads were lopped off.

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