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Sunday, April 7, 2013


The bloodbath committed by the Franj crusaders at the fall of Al-Quds (Jerusalem), 1099 was barbaric and beyond Christian dogma. The atrocities are still ongoing but now by the crusading Zionists. Elsewhere in Afghanistan, Iraq, Mali, Somalia, Chechnya the crusaders continue their killing fields under various guises.

The atrocities committed at Ma'arra, Syria as chronicled by their own people, Radulph of Caen.

Qadi Abu Sa'ad al-Harawai of Damascus was the one who campaigned at the Caliph's palace in Baghdad to fight against the Franj. It was Ramadhan, he was seen eating in Baghdad. When people asked him why he was not fasting. "Why, you worry about me not fasting but not your brothers being slaughtered?" he replied to that effect.

By the grace of Allah, Salahuddin al-Ayubi, the hero of Al-Quds recaptured Al-Quds from the crusaders.

The Battle of Hittin was the most decisive one for Saladin where the enemy was completely routed. He was a strategist, very pious and patient man during his many battles taking 27 years of his life on horseback. He could be very  magnanimous to release many crusader-prisoners where they fought against him in later encounters.

Saladin's fortress located on an inaccessible plateau to the northeast of Latakia town, Syria where he could plan during winter for the coming summer campaigns. It is  much neglected though tourists (mostly local) do come and visit including me in summer 1999.

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