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Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Hog - swine; yearling sheep not yet shorn; wool from such sheep; yearling of other species; formerly slang for a shilling; low filthy person; greedy person; inconsiderate boor; to use selfishly.

Hogback - hill-ridge, ancient monument, or other object shaped like a hog's back; hog-deer - small Indian deer; hog-fish - fish having bristles on the head; hog-frame - frame built to resist vertical flexure; hog-mane - mane clipped short or naturally short or upright; hog-nose - an American snake; hog-plum - West Indian tree (Spondias); hog-rat - the hutia, a West Indian rodent; hog-reeve - officer whose duty  to round up stray swines; hog's pudding - hog's entrails stuff with various ingredients; hogwash - refuse of kitchen or brewery, slang for rubbish talk; hogweed - cow-parsnip.

Bring one's hogs to a fine market - to make a complete mess of something (reminds of Najib?); hog in armour - a boor in fine clothes; hog it - eat greedily.

striped hogs

hog's crossing

suckle my piglet (PNG)

suckling piglets

for the lard (right)


merrily play the flute

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