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Sunday, January 12, 2014


Najib's prologo la tragedia actually started when he was in the late teens. Why so?

If indeed he did not graduate from his studies in the UK that proves he is an egghead. As a privileged son of Pahang, he had all the means to be able to get through university scholarship with excellence. Why the hurry to get back to be a politician? Build a strong foundation of one's worth first before trying to govern others. Was it that he is just plain stupid?

A leader with such basic failure is dangerous. He has to depend on others to guide and advice. His weakness, an inferiority complex worsen during the course of struggling in an ever challenging national and global environment. Najib has to show that he is smart. One way is by surrounding himself with equivalent/lesser beings or those with tainted image so that they would listen to him. Yes, Sir. Inferiority breeds mediocrity as the adage goes.

Najib believes that a smart (supposedly) bed-partner-confidente should be able help him. She becomes demanding to the extend of claiming to be the First Lady. The husband succumbs to a yes ma'am syndrome.

His trademark previously was the finger. When his honchos, nincompoops and ordinary rakyat start to follow the style he has to stop the theatric. The finger is of endless possibilities.

His ways of governance and lifestyle are opulent. How can it be for survival and sustainability? Clueless. He is a pretender the likes of sleepyhead and B.A.B.I.

To save Malaysia the PM must face the axe now otherwise the damages done to the country will multiply and get beyond repair.
The condo cow below does not suckle the bull, so needs to be axed too.

Just get rid off the head the tail would follow ensuit. Enough of the beerless Ku Nan, samurai Nazri, chap ayam Hassan Malek, pemandu Jalal, biadap KJ, spad Hamid, sempurna Shafie,  highest-income sucker Nazir, permata Rosmah ...  still we want to suffer more?

Down with Najib and the goons!

Hanya Melayu jaga maruah Melayu. Bangsa lain sudah lama ketawa.

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