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Sunday, January 26, 2014


After about four and half (since May 22, 2009) of blogging SAVE has made some progress in its number of postings, 578 in total. In terms of response from page viewers (>55,000) from its four blogsites of sustainablelivinginstitute, indahdesa, historiograhic and bookmana from many countries is encouraging - the majority are Malaysians (two-fifth of total), US comes second (one-fifth of total) and Indonesia, Russia, Philippines, UK, Germany, Singapore, France, Indiain descending order make up most the other three-fifth of total viewers. To all viewers, whoever and wherever they are thank you for the interest in our blogs.

To flash back pre-blogging days, I was just disinterested in blogging then and considered that it would be a waste of time. But then I was busy working on three bibliograpic books at one go of which one will be published very soon by UPM press. It is on Japanese contributions towards science and development in Malaysia and ASEAN countries.

My youngest daughter who was studying medicine then was into blogging earlier than me. My wife was reading some blogs especially by Chedet and she would relate to me what she read. I guess they create the awareness for me to start blogging.  I then frequented Chedet, A Kadir Jasin, Kickdefellar and other blogs and made comments under non de plume, al-Din mostly.

 I was writing fairly heavy postings at the beginning because the articles are already at hand. Remgold under blogname OpEd commented that I should put some pictures in the posting 'Tilapia and jatropha' of April 4, 2011. That set me going head over heels to catalog as much pictures as possible from own collection of photos and books. Thank you Remgold for the suggestion. Now there are more than 24,000 photos in my computer. And the computer crashed!! Tomorrow I have to bring it to Berjaya Times Square for reformatting. That's the reason why no pictures this time.

By and large blogging has been a fruitful exercise for me. It keeps the mind active with new information for I have to go through many books in the library which are otherwise left much untouched. My collection of slides taken during many years of studies in the US, teaching, and research on several crops are yet to be digitalised.

Sometimes I feel that several of my postings are a bit off if not vulgar. I must admit that have interrupted nights over them. The best thing about blogging is that the output is immediate, it's there in cyberspace to be seen by all. Compared to writing in the papers that I have some experience, the content must jive with the needs of the day and their policy. Before, the Eastern Times, Sarawak has been receptive to publish my articles within two days for free which is fine with me.

Apart from blogging SAVE is still active pursuing its multi-objectives - nature farming, jatropha development, recycling, concern for Orang Asli, biodiversity conservation. Its efforts to plant limau kasturi under nature farming earlier was devastated by leaf-eating moth caterpillars. The project is replaced with oil palm. The leaves of limau kasturi are more preferred food source for the caterpillars. SAVE does not spray insecticide in its farm yet.

OpEd has quit blogosphere for quite a while. Hope that Remgold is doing fine and in good health.


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