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Friday, January 10, 2014


Rafidah Aziz, a lecturer at the Faculty of Economics, University of Malaya before joining politics.

An intelligent, knowledgeable hard working Wanita Umno member - a bright star, a hope for the country. 

At the peak of her career she has been touted as an iron lady the like of Margaret Thatcher.

She goes along with everybody at least professionally. B.A.B.I. knows whom to associate with and be seen in limelight. Beware, he is the master of the killer game in politics!

Among the aspirants singing patriotically. The elegant pretender to the left of RA finally became the master. 

'Let me hold you down the steps' by the sleepyhead was the signal of her downfall from grace. She was mooed out of WU ending the hope and dream. 

Only RA knows how the dirty game of politics was played while up there. But she is a survivor. She is with AirAsia but Fernendez is not going to force her to wear that skimpy (the skimpiest among airline stewardess), body hugging red skirt and blouse! Nay. But again, skimpy skirts are good for BN, you know what I mean!

The nation has been enriched by RA's contributions.

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  1. She could have been our first lady Prime Minister. I said that openly in the media as I knew her well and sat on her left side for 18 years in the cabinet till, I thought that I was slightly short of hearing with my right ear.