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Friday, January 3, 2014


Not too long ago jungle life was naked. Life was very hard but free. Now the jungle has been raped and ripped open and free no more. The fate of the weak, the protectors of the forest are at the whims of the Malay buggers who run the country.

This picture was of long time ago, just to tell you how life was and why we are like we are. We are more clothed now. Of diamond rings certainly we have not.

We live barely. We use spears to hunt wild animals and protect us.

Our most deadly weapon is the blowpipe with the ipoh dart.

Logs are our bridges. You talk about long double bridges somewhere and wheels zoom. My feet!

Dark is the night. Occasionally we sewang to pass the dullness.

Taking bath in clean, clear river then. Now we get murky, shallow and itchy waters. After you dirty your own rivers which you cannot clean, now you dirty us!

The jungle paths prick us anywhere and everywhere but we are used to it. The scratches heal by themselves if not we poultice them with jungle plants.

Life has improved though, some got better housing than those of zinc roof. Politics not sincerity to help got the better of us. We are but pawns of games that civilised(?) people play.

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