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Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Jerusalem (Al-Quds), the meeting point of God's religion - Jewish, Christianity, and Islam.

Al-Aqsa Mosque to the right of the Western Wall (Wailing Wall), bottom right of the map above.

The famous Tower of David built in the fourteenth century looms in the foreground of this aerial view of modern Jerusalem. The golden Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem's most imposing landmark stands out in the Temple Mount toward the upper right. Behind it...

 A woodcut view of medieval Jerusalem, a city to both Christians and Muslims, and thus an important symbiotic objective in religous warfare. Taken by the crusader knights in 1099  was lost again in 1187.

From 13th-century guidebook to the Holy Land, the map shows a diagrammatic plan of Jerusalem. Although the perfect circle of the walls depicts an idealized image befitting the Holy City, centre of the world, and the plan is certainly not to scale, the relative positions of the sites within the city would have provided the user with a reliable aid to orientation...

n.b. Jerusalem was then under Christian's (Crusaders') rule.

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