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Monday, September 14, 2015


Zeti has been heading the Bank Negara for many years now. She has been doing her job diligently, intelligently, and quietly. Come Najibugis, her position  comes under threat. Very recently she has to implore to let her complete her term. Does it imply let me stay a while longer, I will follow what you say and not to open the can of worms?

Why she has to say that unless there is some kind of pressure? The super moron had said that BR1M is BN's idea. He is a liar always looking for scapegoats because of his stupidity and corruption. 

On 1MDB, the moronic pretender said the BN's regulation would not allow to bring in RMbillions from Cayman Islands direct into the country. Surely, BN should know the RM2.6billions (temporarily) deposited into the moron's personal account in Ambank! 

Zeti's hands are somehow got tied behind her back. At issue is there a threat to shut her mouth? There are already insinuations that her husband has been unduely privileged with projects due to her authority. She is becoming a victim of circumstances perpetuated by Najib.

Zeti at her convocation with parents (Ungku Aziz and Azzah Aziz) and grandmother.

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