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Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Uncle Sam said that Najib is nothing to them. They know him in and out. They will do a number on him. For sure, the CIA and FBI each keeps a dosier on Najib as early when he was the Minister of Defence, the time when the buck stops there. 

Years ago, it was reported in the newspapers that the army contract for a packet of Maggi mee was RM5. Najib, as Minister of Defense opted for Scorpene i.e. France instead of US for the arms deal. It is not the money so much but the influence. 

As for Altantuya case, the US has the full damning story of the murder and got a chokehold on the prime culprit. They know as to who gave the order. 

It is shameful that Malaysia is helpless to bring Najib down. But who are to be blamed when we succumbed to Najib's lies, cash and power.

What a pity that we have to rely on outsiders to do the do job for us. Pro-Najib people are saying that traitors are bringing in foreigners to interfere our internal affairs. Hitherto, the white devils are useful at times like this.

If Najib truly wants or dares to attend the UN General Assembly, he will go there as a sheep rather than a wolf. His swaggering days in the international arena are over.

Thanks but no thanks to Uncle. Wither Malaysia?

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