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Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Saudi Arabia was part of the Ottoman Empire. Towards the end of WW1, the Ottomans realising that their empire was breaking up decided to save the Prophet's artefacts in Mecca to Istanbul.

Thanks to the Ottoman Turks, otherwise we may not be able to see material effects of the Prophet's heritage. The Wahabis of Saudi Arabia, based on their understanding such historical effects may lead to adoration and bida'ah. A number of historical sites of the Prophet and his relatives have thus been destroyed. The Sauds do not believe in living museums as reminders of the past and knowledge. Those who forget the past will repeat history.

The train that ferried the Prophet's materials from Mekah to Istanbul by the Ottomans. The memorabilia are being kept in a museum at Topkapi's Palace, Istanbul. 

Photography of the swords of Allah's Apostle P.B.U.H. taken from his remains and his honourable relics by Al-Nabawi Jbr As-Saraj.

The banner of Khaibar conquest which was fixed on broadcloth during the Ottoman Caliphate. Also they wrote along its sides the name of ten companions that the good tidings entering Paradise and used it in most of their conquests and wars. Now it is housed in the museum at Topkapi Palace.

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