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Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Low, low neckline, cannot get any lower! J Low swear the expenses for the party didn't come from 1MDB. Fatty chinaman make good, eh? 

Cash is king, Najibutuh's motto. What is the name of the woman at PD again? ZZ? You see, Najib is a terror, a tiger, somewhat like Low.

Jho Low and celebrity pals in the US

Who is the real wolf on Wall Street? Najib. He is what we call the wolf with sheep's clothing. 

He dares to ire the Jews of WS with easy money which they know best what. You are not fooling them. Butcha, they will come after you by hook or by crook, sooner than later. 

As it is the world is closing on Najib. No place for him to hide. What billions in the pocket can do? Are you wetting your pants now?

You reap what you sow, Najib. That is the natural order of things. You didn't finish your studies. That is why if you ignore or ignorant of the laws of nature  that will boomerang at you at your peril.

The way you klentong stupidly every time, everyday shows how meagre your mettle is. You are trying to make fools of the rakyat. Get out before we and the world oust you! 

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