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Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Stupid* Najib is inviting trouble when he announced that the RM2.6 donated to him to fight IS. It is as if he knows the coming of IS because the billions were given to him when IS yet to be formed if not become active. 

IS is CIA-backed, that is what they say. Perhaps Najib has been informed of its inception beforehand by the agency! 

Najib visited a school in Kajang recently. I saw it on TV. What astounded me was the number (at least 6) of uniformed body guards with him into the classroom! 

Najibugis and family are paranoid. More so with IS in the country. The RM2.6 billion are to fight against them. That hard cash is good for ransom money. 

Imagine if a host of people are after him if not for the money. The Abu Sayyaf people are interested. The Mongols are after him. FBI, CIA, KGB (naturally), Mossad, MG15, mafia, yazuka ... the possibilities are endless as he used to say. 

Plus there are local madmen or disgruntled and deranged  people (remember Khalil?) because of insurmountable problems of living. They may blame on politics and misgovernance of the country at  whatever level(s).  

The billion ringgit question is where he keeps the money. Is it available on immediate demand?

Be careful where you tread Najib. You ask for it!

* 26-9 = 15 (2 disappeared into the pocket)

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