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Sunday, October 18, 2015


Perak, the silver state has three beautiful beaches off the coast of Manjung district - Teluk Batik, T. Senangin, and T. Rubiah. 

Teluk Rubiah 
An Italian iron ore processing mill is in operation just north of Teluk Rubiah. The beautiful beach there is now out of bounds. Before the mill was built, there is a resort by the beach with several 3-storey wooden chalets, a golf course, and bungalow lots already pegged. When I stumbled on the beach some 5 years ago, the facilities built during Ramly Ngah Talib's time are in abandoned state, no visitors are allowed. It was a lost venture and to cover it up an iron mill is put on plan. Kampong folks who live in T. Rubiah area were forced and compensated perhaps to be relocated elsewhere. 

Why condemn a beach, a thing of natural beauty where people can enjoy by setting a polluting factory? Money matters above the rakyat. Greed above all. 

Teluk Senangin
Hotels, chalets, restaurants in the area are having difficult times to get customers. Why? There are a number of commercial poultry farms in the vicinity that attract breeding houseflies. The flies are a nuisance everywhere. The poultry farms need to be relocated elsewhere far from areas of residence and business.

Teluk Batik

Teluk Batik is one of the most scenic spot in Perak. The beach is a popular weekend resort. However, its environ is deplorable.

1. The beach is perennially littered with rubbish - discarded plastic bottles and bags, diapers, waste food items. 
2. The garbage disposal system - bins and collection not in order.
3. Food and souvenir stalls too many and  too close to the beach. They are shabbily constructed.
4. Poorly maintained and abandoned chalets means that they are not holiday friendly, of poor design, lack facilities.
5. (2nd picture below) - Wooden chalets built on the hill slope not occupied. For one thing direct access for vehicles not available. 
6. The beach is concretised with over hard landscaping.
7. Overall, Teluk Batik is poorly maintained and much money has been wasted.
8. Recommend that the beach's environ to be overhauled by professional design, landscape, and maintenance. 
9. There is so much wastage of resources already because of improper planning.

Empty chalets on hill slope.

Out of place concretised man-made lake (privatised) not in use. People just want to enjoy the beach, natural and free.

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