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Saturday, October 24, 2015


Malaysia is blessed with mangosteen "The Queen of Fruits." It is truly  (Peninsular) Malaysia because it is endemic here. The tree of medium size prefers some shade and thus suitable for multi-tier orchard or agroforestry system.

The fruit juice is on the market because of medicinal value against diabetes and perhaps  to keep the body shapely. 

It is apomictic meaning that fruits develop without fertilisation. No male tree is to be found, females bear the fruits. Seeds are used for planting and take some 7 years to bear fruit. The fruits are exported to Japan, Canada and other countries.

Although grafting has been experimented to shorten the juvenile period but the trees tend to be droopy and low yield. More than a decade ago a Japanese commercial venture at Sungkai used grafts on seedlings for planting but failed because of unpredictable yield.

Mangosteen at a fruit market, Toronto. The stall keeper said that she was from Brinchang, Cameron Highlands. 

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