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Wednesday, October 21, 2015


"Burial of Dead at Wounded Knee, 1890." How the West really won. The White victors called Wounded Knee a "battle." The Indian lovers called it a "massacre."

To decimate the Read Indians the whites gunned them down, displaced the various tribes into depraved reservations, killed thousands of wild bisons (buffaloes), horses that roamed the plains to deprived them of food and transport. 

The notorious killer of thousands of buffaloes was Buffalo Bill. Part of the meat was supposedly to feed workers building the coast to coast railroad. At the same time deprived the Injuns much of their supply of food.

The genocide of the natives and their animals was the first bloodletting. Thereafter, more blood to be spilt the world over until now - Vietnam, Somali, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan. The white devil will find ever more blood victims, an unquencheable thirst.

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