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Monday, March 27, 2017


Swettenham, Frank Athelstane, Sir, G.C.M.G., C.H.- b.28.3.1850, Belper, Derbyshire, England. Famous as one of the chief figures in the formation of British Malaya during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. To the Malays he was known as one who lived with them, spoke their language, respected their faith, participated in their interests, humored their prejudices, sympathized with and helped them in trouble, and shared their pleasures and their risks. His interest in the country and its people was reflected in the wide range of his stories and sketches. Such varied subjects as The Real Malay, A Silver-Point (a record of his experience of living in a Malay kampong), Malay Sports and Meng-Gelunchor (a kind of water-tabogganning) – just to name a few – bear witness to his love for the people and their pastimes. Adapted after Roff WR, 1967
1907. British Malayaan Account of the Origin and Progress of British Influence in Malaya. John Lane Bodley Head, London. Revised ed Allen and Urwin, London 1948
1896. British rule in Malaya. In Kratoska PH (ed) Honourable Intentions: Talks on the British Empire inSouth-East Asia Delivered at the Royal Institute 1874-1926. Proc Royal Colonial Institute; reprinted OUP, Singapore 1983 
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The court house at Batu Gajah was built during his tenure as Resident of Perak. Wan Mat Saman, my great-father-in-law was one of the contractors of the buildings.

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