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Monday, March 20, 2017


Nazri is a samurai kontot as he proclaimed to be. For many years now he acts as the henchmanman for Najib -  ward off  blows from critiques, opponents and to cover his (mis)tracks and mistakes. In return, he gets his ways, privileges and rewards. He knows that he is untouchable as long as Najib is up there. And, both know each others skeletons in the cupboards during Pemuda UMNO days and in London as students. 

How dare Najib rumoured to depose him after the previous general election? Justifiably, he has an axe to grind against Najib:

Kalau kita ingat lagi, pernah timbul cakap-cakap yang hangat mengatakan selepas PRU 2013 Najib mungkin gugurkan Nazri daripada Kabinet kononnya “untuk lembutkan hati Dr Mahathir dan ucap terima kasih kerana bantu dalam PRU.”

Pity Nazri for he has borne the brunt shielding Najib. He has suffered bruises. He is growing tired of being a political brute that has turned him into a raging bull. The bull is on the pensive mode kicking wildly to get out of the pen, Najib or no Najib: 

Kalau bahas Parlimen pun Najib mengelak dan lari daripada forum Nothing2Hide, masakan dia berani berbahas terbuka dengan Dr Mahathir.

The 'Chief' as he calls himself is obviously an egomaniac. This has played strange ways in his mind, a derangement that has impinged onto his very son: 

[“Chief” (tuan ketua) adalah gelaran yang budak-budak Nazri bagi kepadanya. Anak dia, Nedim Sujak Nazri Aziz, dibagi gelaran “Junior Chief” (tuan kecil).]

He wants to prove to all and sunder that he is a hero. He can clear the air on many outstanding issues of the country that Najib has created. He believes that he can take Mahathir verbally whom Najib dare not at Padang Rengas:

Yang ada kedudukan adalah Najib tapi Najib tak berani berdepan dengan Dr Mahathir. 

The Chief is at vengeance to lock horns with his former master over a supposedly corruption case that has tarnished his image. 

Ada orang kata, ini adalah kerana siasatan Badan Pencegah Rasuah (sekarang Suruhanjaya Pencegah Rasuah Malaysia) ke atas Nazri bersangkutan lesen teksi masa dia jadi Menteri Pembangunan Usahawan.

Mahathir is a man who shines most when challenged. Nazri has overlooked that and hence falls into the trap which he himself set-up. He cannot back out from the debate by himself otherwise what can he say to his young wife? His  macho signal to UMNO/BN and hence the top echelons is that he is the lone wolf. 

Already, Said Keruak, Najib's numero uno henchman at the moment is on negative mode saying that RTM will not air the debate. This is in line with Najib's stand on 1MDB. At the last minute a ruse will be cooked up to cancel the debate. The police may have to come in.

Tengok sajalah tindak-tanduk beliau dan konco-konco beliau dalam Parlimen bila isu macam 1MDB, SRC International dan FGV dibangkitkan - sekat pembangkang tanya soalan atau letakkan semua perkara di bawah Akta Rahsia Rasmi (OSA).

If the debate is on and Najib somehow gets crucified over 1MDB and other issued, Nazri might as well forget about PRU14 under UMNO's ticket. He will be in the political wilderness. Tanam kacang dan jaga cucu!

(highlighted brown: The Scribe A Kadir Jasin)

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