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Friday, March 24, 2017


Clifford, Hugh Charles. 1887. Journal of Mr. H. Clifford’s Mission to Pahang. MS, Colonial Office 273/144 (unpublished)
1899. British and Siamese Malaya. In Kratoska PH (ed) Proc Honourable Intentions: Talks on the British Empire in South-East Asia Delivered at the Royal Colonial Institute, 1874-1928, reprinted  OUP, K Lumpur 1983
1926. In Days that are Dead. Murray, London
1927. The Further Side of Silence. Doubleday, Page & Co, New York
1928. Heroes in Exile. London
1929. Bushwhacking and other Asiatic Tales and Memories of Malaya.Harper, New York

1961. Report on the expedition recently led into Kelantan and Trengganu. JMBRAS 34(1). Originally printed in 1895

H.C. Syers in uniform, with Hugh Clifford at Raub Gold Mine stockade, May 1892.

Clifford's residence at one time.

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