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Friday, March 28, 2014


1. Revamp MAS

MAS has been on the lost for many years under different CEOs  even before Tajuddin Ramli took over. Those after him, Munir Majid, Idris Jalal, Jauhari failed to turn around the national carrier. Munir wanted to impress people (including his foreign wife) that he is an art collector too hung a RM1M painting in the MAS building (now sold). That strutting and strumming Idris put Dolah to sleep and stripped off MAS. Jauhari is given the chance to prove himself but MAS goes deeper in the red instead.

Now with the impending lawsuits amounting to billions, he should resign and make way for another hopeful. This time let it be a non-Malay the like of Tony Fernandez and overhaul MAS completely. So far the Malays have proven nothing in running airways. That Dolah the sleepyhead got the temerity to be the Chairman! A greedy sucker indeed.

2. Non-technical headers of DCA

Several months ago a senior officer of DCA told us that her top bosses are non-technical PTD's who know next to nothing about aviation. She, being a non-Malay does much of the donkey work, writing technical reports, attend international meetings.

If that is so, there is something wrong with the top level appointments in which the MH370 tragedy reveals its defect. The top DCA man and other non-technical PTD officers need to be replaced.

3. TUDM radar response

It seems that TUDM assume too much in their radar tracking and complacent to scramble their fighter jets to intercept MH370 flying across to Penang. Whose head will roll for this unreadiness? No wonder the Defense Minister said that it is ok to relapse national security during the case of MH370. Whatever he means by that!

4. In another matter relating to Petronas

There has been much hue and cry when Mustapaha Ong came in into Petronas. Supposedly many Malay executives left because of him. I, for one cannot vouch for its truthfullness. Along the years Petronas, as in most Malaycentric institutions has turned into a sleeping giant, contented with >6months bonuses and other perks. Much inbreeding has been going on and Petronas needs to inject more non-Malay blood to get out of the moroose.

UTP has become an arrogant Malay institution. It is not public friendly. The Pak Gards are intimidating. The campus is several kilometers away from Bandar University, the nearest township. Transport is not provided for students who want to go out off-campus. Foreign students found the campus dull. The thousands of fishes in the lakes are not harvested or used for sport fishing. What a waste!

 A very dedicated and competent non-Malay friend who has been teaching English part-time for years got rejected in her application to get into permanent post. She is still doing part-time there and completing her PhD outside UTP. There are so many part-timers teaching English compared to full-timers. The former are bullied to teach heavier courses. One of the latter group member is not even fully-trained in English and plays games out of inadequacy. My wife taught English part-time for a couple of years, her claims were delayed to about 3 months behind. She literally has to bend low to get her claims!

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