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Sunday, March 30, 2014


Now look at the figures below, where do you stand in terms annual rumenerations? How is it so easy to be a millioniare or multimillioniare within a year? This is working for a government set-up companies where PNB and hence rakyat invest in their shares. Is it through own merit and effort they become the CEOs?

Just because the company is making much profit so it is justifiable to demand for such sums? Even if one owns the company one has to be prudent still. This begs the question who approves such humongous pay? The PM as Chairman of all GLCs is responsible.

The GLCs are fucked up. Why? If the top man get that millions, the scheme must also filter to all levels of staff. The overhead cost sky-rocketed. Who pays? The customers at higher interest rates and service charges, and lower dividents for amanah saham shares.

Rendering service is not their motto. Take Maybanks (2) in Kajang - the ground floor is for customer service (for staff convenience?); for regular transactions customers have to climb up the stairway to the first floor, how could the elderly and those on wheelchairs manage that without lift or escalator? Even then many customers are made to stand for a long time because not enough seat although the room is spacious for more chairs. Why put expensive metal chairs when cheaper ones provide more seats?

Lo and behold, the man that leads the millionaire GLC suckers is none other than Najibs' brother. He has forgotten his father's ways of being prudent. He is already on the superincome highway that makes Najib happy. Who bastardized the NEP?

All these shenanigans of greed must stop. It has to begin with Najib (RM7.2B for consultants, renovate residence RM65M ...!). He must be forced to resign if not at his own will. The country is not sustainable for too many greedy Malay suckers everywhere.

Life of the trodden:

A makeshift office outside Immigration Dept.

Traditional bokam to get rid of bad blood and illness.

When Namawee made fun of Negara Ku Ku in you tube, Melayu melenting. Yang jatuhkan Melayu adalah Melayu sendiri.

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