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Sunday, March 16, 2014


First fo all, pray that all on board MH370 are all safe and secure on land somewhere.

After the plane has been 'deliberately diverted' fingers are now pointing towards the pilot, Zaharie Ahmad Shah as the possible villian responsible for its mysterious out-of-the-blue dissappearance.

The Anwar factor has been injected into his persona so much so that he is believed seeking redemption for his 'injured' icon. He is willing to be the anti-hero and perhaps die during the course.

Provided that those on MH370 are safe somewhere, Zaharie has become a hero of sorts. He has managed to bedevil the whole world, to fool the most advanced aviation technology to detect his flight route. He may become a celebrity if not legendary figure that everybody want to hear his exploits. Books will be written about him, movies made, endless lectures delivered. The pain and anguish of waiting by relatives of the passengers may be forgiven and heal with time.

However, if he is later found to be the one responsible for the deaths of so many people then he would be a most villainous person who ever walked the earth.

Anyway, in the past eight days we hear some misstatements made including that of Hisahmudin. He said that solving MH370 case is above national security!! Either he do not understand what is national security or say things without thinking. Also, 'Saya gembira (?) banyak asset bertambah mencari MH370 ...' Gembira atau terima kasih is the right word?  

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  1. I was alarmed too to hear that the SAR operation was placed above national security!

    May all our prayers help us in the days to come.