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Wednesday, March 26, 2014


GE 13 and by-elections including that of Kajang recently indicate that UMNO-BN have lost many Malay votes. They did not vote or turned to the opposition to vent their anger and disgust. Mereka sudah naik meluat dan benci dengan UMNO.

Post Mahathir, the image of UMNO quickly deteriorated. Why is that so? The main blame is on the leadership who themselves are competent pretenders who fail to bring progressive changes to the party.  Instead they retain and add in half-past six cabinet members, recycled politicians, advisors and cronies around them. They think the rakyat can be fooled or not affected by their policies, workings or behaviour. Examples:

Dolah, the sleepyhead
i) raised gas prices three times in a year. Where has the money gone?
ii) raw hatred for Proton saying that it is of poor quality;
iii) when Anwar was released from jail - he has the best lawyers defending him;
iv) 28 times to Los Angeles to see his wife suffering from cancer. Who pays?
v) KJ should the UMNO Youth without election!
vi) scuttle the ongoing construction of scenic bridge.
vii) MAS chairman!

i) announced from the start to be the youngest PM!
ii) a peon boy who personally delivered the international passport to Anwar
iii) found to be involved with rasuah by UMNO disciplinary committee
iv) position young and ambitious cronies at strategic posts
v) shifty eyes.

i) announced during UMNO general assembly Syiah are not Muslims

i) we deliver uncollected Mycard door-to-door
ii) MH370 SAR is above national security!
iii) tragedy brings us together. Have more tragedies! He has not done anthing else to bring us together.

Ku Nan
i) can have Rock Cafe in Putrajaya but no beer? It is like saying, have the sea water but no salt!

Idris Jalal
i) supposedly to turn around MAS but failed
ii) strumming and strutting heading Pemandu

Hamid Albar
i) recycled politician
ii) taxiing SPAD

i) claim to be a samurai kontot
ii) pay his son in office to take care of his constituency, Bkt Gantang
iii) arrogant

- good riddance has been left out

Wan Junaidi
Idris Jusoh
Rahim Thamby Chik 
Shahidan Kassim

Najib, Rosmah, Nazir
- as per previous posting 'Najib gila kuasa mutlak'. To add:
i) your enemy is my friend seems part of Najib's game
ii) Has he learned anything substantial after 11x3 years in politic? No. He is a numbskull
iii) if I go down I might as well bring UMNO down.

If Najib and his people do not transform UMNO of dungus, cronyism, money politics, into a clean image, UMNO is doomed for PRU14. Bye, bye.

Over the years UMNO has evolved into an exclusive club, no continuous drive to get new and young members. The old timers feeling safe get paranoid in the world of UMNO and want to maintain status quo. Even masjid committee members are selected based on staunch UMNO usually old supporters immaterial of their inclinations. That is one of the many reasons why masjids are underutilized and not progressive for the ummah not for praying only.

In fact UMNO should be more inclusive with time to include Muslims of different races and rename it United Muslims National Organisation. This will inject more diversity and vigour in the party in the long run that include a possibility of non-Malay Muslim be the President and PM of Malaysia. As it is we are stuck with lame brains running the show leading the country to ruins.

A new (hopefully) better governance is the natural order of things and cycle of civilisational survival and uplift.

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