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Saturday, July 12, 2014


The Malay Archipelago (Nusantara) is part of a larger group of the Austronesian family. It has linguistic affinity with the Oceanic islanders of Micronesia, Malenisia and Polynesia. There a strong basis basis for this link. It is due to the wave of migration from a common stock from the in the far  west believed to originate from Formosa (Taiwan) area to the easternmost of Oceania as far as Easter Islands. 

It is widely postulated that the initial exodus began from the lands of the Ainu, Taiwan-Southern Japan 3500BP thereabout and lasted for 4500 years when Cathams the last island to be populated in the South Seas in 1300.

Ainu, aboriginals of Taiwan-Japan.

Three major groups of people of Oceana - Micronesians (shaded top left area), Melanesians (bottom left area), and Polynesians (right triangular area).

A Gilbert islander beauty.


  1. SAVE, u r sooo out of date wrt origins of Malays. For the past few yrs, wth DNA tracking it has been established that malays originate from nusantara, incl the jakuns, semelais, tasidas, etc. migrations are northwards to taiwan, etc.NOT the other way round. see articles on this in NST, etc.

    1. I have to check and update on that. But who were the progenitors of the Jakuns, Semelais etc the so called proto-Malays? They must originate from a region already peopled.