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Friday, July 11, 2014


Reproduced from Syed Akbar Ali at OutSyed The Box:

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Clueless PM Needs GST To Cover Up Wasting Public Funds

This is taken from a Blog called "Malaysia flip flop". This has been heavily truncated. You can read the original to read the full report.

MONDAY, JULY 7, 2014
  • senior appointments paid RM69,000 a month 
  • PEMANDU director RM49,000. 
  • high wages contributed 13% increase in budget
  • CEO Agensi Inovasi Malaysia RM830,500 (RM69,000/mth)
  • CEO SPAD RM40,000 month, allowance RM162,000/yr, bonus RM60,000.
  • CEO TalentCorpse RM30,000, car allowance RM5,000.
  • Chief Secretary salary RM23,577
  • staff in PM's Dept —on contract—paid higher than civil servants.
  • director PEMANDU — RM49,000 a month
  • associate director PEMANDU - RM31,600 a month 
  • senior manager - RM21,000 a month
  • Najib creating Yayasan Hijau, Malaysian Global Innovation overlap existing agencies  
  • allocation for PM's Dept ballooned 13% from RM250 billion to RM264 billion.
  • Idris Jala said dept received biggest allocation of RM16.45 billion in Budget 2014 
This is daylight robbery. There is a cleve beggar behind this whole idea to pay these super high salaries. There is a simple reason. Its the same guy who is more powerful than the Prime Minister of Malaysia. All this began to happen way before Najib became PM. At the GLCs even the receptionists can get RM3000 per month.  In the real private sector graduate engineers and architects are getting started for just over RM2000.

The idea is simple. Pay them high salaries with taxpayers money. Super high salaries that are way beyond their real worth in the market place. This will make them defend their high paying jobs and not question their employers. Then it becomes easier to steal. They even invented a slogan which the moron swallowed hook, line and sinker 'high income nation'. Kebanyakan orang Melayu tak faham. So it is easier to fool them.

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