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Monday, July 21, 2014


Najib says bring us the bodies (of MH17 crash) before Raya! Do you think those pro-Russian separatists know about Raya? They are not Sulus. Those comrades hold the bodies as a bargaining power not only to Malaysia but the Dutch, Germans and other country nationals who died in the plane. They want money lah. 

So, Najib, if you could spend RM76million in total for two pandas and renovate your residence for RM65million what is there a couple of billions for the return of MH17 victims. Should be no problem, to you money grows on trees. Hope the trees are still there and not been cut down. Too late if you wait for GST tree to grow big! 

After two MAS planes down it is fairly obvious that Malaysia is game to the world powers. At the bigger picture, the war is democracy versus communism. We become the pelanduk tersepit in one of the battlefields they are waging. Is only MAS planes in the line of fire? How about the seat of pride of the country, the Twin Towers? 

Democracy is dying. They have hypocritically bastardised it. Communism is supposed to be dead but found arising economically and militarily. China is an economic powerhouse. Russia has regained Crimea and part of Ukraine.  

We are game for false flags. Being a small country but rich in resources what better playground having  tit for tat games. The sacrificial goat must suffer, collateral damage unavoidable. The communist (China) got the brunt of MH370 mysterious disappearance, and now western democracy (US and Europe) gets its own medicine from the communist (Russia). Is it? No one trust anyone else words nowadays. The international media is a WMD telling lies, half-truths, propaganda, and indoctrination.

In fact there is more to that in the power games. They want to show off their technological capabilities. The world becomes destabilised, small nations especially get defensive and want to protect themselves. They have to buy weapons from the major vendors - US, Russia, China. Behind all these, shadowy Israel must benefit in more ways than one. The timing for the Gaza onslaught is signalled by MH17 down.

For MH17, we got the boom as the ending and we know exactly where it came from. The last time we heard of MH370 was some 'ping, ping' sound somewhere there and yet nowhere. 

It would have been wiser if both Jauhari, MAS CEO and Civil Aviation Dept DG step down after the MH370 lull before Liow becomes the Transport Minister. With the MH17 down MAS is beyond recall. Now with the multiple headaches for the two, looks like sweet returns for hugging on too long on positions that do not want them. How unfortunate!

SAVE's condolence to the families of MH17.

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