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Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Zionists are godless. So, they cannot believe that David vs Goliath analogy could happen now or anytime in the future.

  • 1922: Total population of Palestine was 757,182 of which 590,890 (78%) were Muslims 83,798 were Jews.
  • 1947: After WW2 Jews curved about 7% of the land in Palestine.
  • Today: Israel usurped by force and cunning all Palestinian land except the Gaza strip and West Bank. Yet, they lie in broad daylight to the world that they are under threat and want to secure their ill-gained territory!

Millions of Palestinians fled after the 1967 Six Day War and became refugees.

The Jews surely work hand in glove with the Zionists but vehemently decried that they are not of them. Without the Jews there would be no Zionists.

Commandments (6), (8), and (10) have been bloodily transgressed by Zionists.

Walla hu 'alam.

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