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Wednesday, July 9, 2014


During his tenure as Minister of Education, Najib was the proponents of zero defect in education and gerak gempur to prepare for and taking examinations. As for the zero defect it  leads to among others that no student could fail at all levels from primary to tertiary education. To  achieve such, passing marks have to be lowered and adjusted to allow poor performers to pass. 

Under duress or pressure of such a system, heads of schools, colleges, and universities have to make ways rightly or wrongly to show that their institutions have zero defect. The end result of Najib's zero defect policy is the deterioration of the quality of our education.

Najib failed to understand that students like all human beings are biological entities. No one is similar to another in all aspects be it intelligence, physical appearance, attitude to name a few traits. This is due to genetics and nurture. In such a melee of human diversity we expect laggards and deficiencies. Hence, zero defect is not tenable and only a fantasy of the mind. 

Take the case of Najib himself. Did he really graduate from the University of Nottingham? How could he be the paragon of zero defect? Look at the mess in the governance of this country! Metaphorically speaking he is just too big-headed to digest lofty ideas. 

The many big-headed people that surround Najib the likes of Adnan, Nazri, Hasan, and Isa too often shoot their own feet. Needlessly, Najib will be kept busy with damage control not only of his own imbroglio but also those caused by other bums. That is price to pay for taking nincompoops. In the end they will sink him down further to the point of no return. Must the nation and rakyat  suffer? What leadership was Najib talking today?

Literally, big-headed (with bulging eyes) could mean chromosomal aberration of mongoloid syndrome associated with  degrees of cerebral handicap.

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