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Friday, July 25, 2014


A Raya blast for Najib.

The advisors are not to be blamed for Najib's one-off and compartmentalised decision making. He has the last word. As PM he is solely responsible for any foolhardy and shoot his own foot type of  blunders.

To lengthen his shadow he must resort to making impact statements good for the day but not much of bearing to wholesome benefits to the rakyat. What are effects, directly and indirectly, tangible and intangible gain? Najib is oblivious to the long term ramifications and implications of his utterances. 

A man of his IQ and education cannot think beyond his nose. He thinks he is on the right path regardless of public opinion. As a leader he is hopelessly beyond recall.

Bring the bodies back before Raya - (don't the bodies need to be identified first!)
Get the black boxes, give them to UK - (nothing heroic but anti-climax)
Renovate my residence - (RM65 million)
Get rid of ISA - (to please the opposition)
On with GST - (the money tree)
High income economy - (brother Nazir RM9 million/yr GLC pay)
Vatican first than Mekah - (he got the call finally)
Brought along 1000 imams for haj - (pray for him)
Brazil, reflects on leadership - (too much soccer)
Instructed IGP to settle the Sulu incursion - (I can wash my hands)
Let's do panda headstand with Rosmah - (for RM76 million)
Build 100 storey building - (named after my father)
More money to FELDA settlers - (my folks and votes)
Give BRIM - (everyone cam brim)
I Malaysia, I World - (acting as a world leader)
Rakyat di dahulukan ... - (sloganeering is easy)
Lets have durian party - (lost the Woodlands)
Build tunnel causeway across the Straits - (easier than to build a bridge)
Malaysia, to be top in printing the Quran - (let the Saudis do it)
Zero defect - (education system messed up)
Gerak gempur - (battle cry in taking school exams)
In the past he proposed RM640 million sports complex in London - (to transform  an old Rubber Board building)

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