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Thursday, April 9, 2015


It is a movie based on a fictitious story of spy versus spy set in the Orient.

Ken, an inner circle influential diplomat was sent to the US. He was soon entrapped in scandalous liaisons set by CIA. He came back when his term completed. 

Unknowingly a spy operative, Don (non de plume) accompanied him to open a transportation business as a cover. Ken had a share in the business too. Using the latter's wide contacts and influence Don's business bloomed. More importantly, Don got easy access to much vital information of the country.

The KGB at Kremlin not to be outdone, planted a Matahari by the name of Beth (non de plume), a Transoxiana beauty to seduce Don and Ken (love triangle spy game), hence extract secrets from both of them. Don fell in love with Beth. Ken was jealous of Don. 

The Pentagon seeing that Don's affair was getting out of hand especially with a resident of former USSR vassal had to intervene. To stop further secret leakage, Don had to disappear permanently like Jim Thompson, the Silk King. It was an explosive ending for three of them.

What's the movie game plan for the spymasters? 4th down, more to come. Wait and relax. Next a jet?

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