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Sunday, April 19, 2015


Nicholl, Robert -, b.1910, Dublin; a gentleman of many parts – monk, priest, army chaplain, intelligent officer, historiab, museum curator, linguist, expert on ecclestical architecture, horseman, jazz musician, essayist, short-story writer, wit, amateur dramatist. Educated at Strrawberry Hill and then at Trinity College Dublin, he opted for a monastic career, 1929-1936. He took his degree and advanced Master of Arts (1936-1939) at St. Benet’s Hall in Oxford. Appointed a chaplain to the forces in 1939, he resigned his commission in 1944, but was restored to the priesthood 50 years later. After a time attached to the Army intelligence service in Singapore, he spent 41 years as an education officer in Borneo, first in Sarawak (1946-1969) and then in Borneo (1970-1987).
1947. A brief survey of education in Sarawak. (unpublished)
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1960. Three wise men: (a review of The Three White Rajahs by Sir Steven Runciman). SG 1233:240-1
1962a. The romance of head-hunting: script of a talk received from Radio Sarawak and broadcasted on BBC Radio in Woman’s Hour 14 Feb 1963 and as “Voices and views: the romance of head-hunting” in Home for the Day 17 March 1963. BBC Written Archives Centre, Reading
1962b. Bedtime story. The wonder worker. SG 1253:153-4
1973. Odoric of Pordenone: a fourteenth century visitor to Borneo. BMJ 3(1):62-5
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1980. A mediaeval cartography of Borneo. BMJ 4(4):180-218
1983. Review of The Name of Brooke: The End of White Rajah Rule in Sarawak, by RHW Reece. BMJ 5(3):235-7
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1963. Revival: ( a review of The Sea Dayaks and Other Races of Sarawak edited by AJN Richards. SG 1268:253

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1991. Raja Bongsu of Sulu: A Brunei hero in his times. Malaysian Branch, Royal Asiatic Soc Monograph no 19

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