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Monday, April 13, 2015


Helen Ang's blogpost:

Dear Tun, an open letter

Need to amputate MCA before the Chinese party causes BN to lose election

Dear Tun,
I share your fear of BN losing the coming election. If BN loses, it is the DAP that will come to power. My worry about the DAP is what they do to people. I view theevangelical party as Bintang Lima. History has shown me what the Bintang Tiga did.
You yourself have highlighted how in the previous Pakatan state government of Perak, it was the DAP that controlled the PAS Menteri Besar. Similarly the DAP will control a Malay/bumiputera Prime Minister if Pakatan succeeds in seizing Putrajaya.
You’ve said many times before that the DAP is hellbent on wresting political power from Umno. The fight now is DAP versus Umno – the No.2 and No.1 parties respectively in Parliament.
The then Perak MB Nizar flanked by DAP evangelista warlords Ngeh and Nga
Although DAP is smaller than Umno, nonetheless Chinese are far more aggressive than Malays.
  • The population of Selangor is 1,504,200 Chinese and 3,069,700 Malays, according to the projection for year 2014 by the Statistics Department.
Although the total Chinese living in the state is only half that of Malays yet Selangor Chinese do not behave like they’re a minority in the face of Selangor Malays who are double their number.
  • The population of Kuala Lumpur is 665,600 Chinese and 694,600 Malays. Chinese are slightly outnumbered by Malays in our capital city but it is the Chinese who own KL.
  • The population of Penang is 684,700 Chinese and 684,500 Malays. When Chinese and Malays are equal in number, the Chinese dominate thoroughly.
Hence Umno must not be complacent just because it has bigger numbers. Size does not matter.
Hannah, Elizabeth and Lee Hwa Beng, the MCA former 3-term Adun for Subang Jaya
DAP’s Hannah, PKR’s Elizabeth and MCA’s ex-Adun for 3 terms in Subang Jaya, Lee Hwa Beng
ABOVE: Christians all
In a showdown between Umno and DAP, the MCA will side with DAP.
This is the same impetus as PAS moving closer to Umno and distancing itself from Pakatan. MCA also is moving closer to DAP and distancing itself from BN.
The coming together increasingly of PAS and Umno is because their supporters speak the same language, belong to the same religion and share more or less the same worldview.
The coming together increasingly of MCA and DAP is because their supporters speak the same language, belong to the same ethnicity and share more or less the same worldview.
MCA is transmogrifying into the DAP. It is talking and acting more and more like its fellow Chinese party every day.
Although a BN component, MCA is adopting policies and positions that are aligned to the opposition. It’s just like how PAS is adopting policies and positions that are more and more aligned to the ruling party, a latest example being Hadi Awang’s support for POTA.
Chinese youth are politically active while Malay youth are politically apathetic
Dear Tun,
You believe DAP totally rejects the concept of sharing with other races, unless the Chinese can dominate in politics like they dominate in the economy. There is a chance that your concern over Chinese political dominance will soon become a reality, Tun.
You feel that “Umno dah pecah dah”. Well, the same goes for the BN in the peninsula. The old Alliance compact is broken too.
You had warned that this would happen when you campaigned in Gelang Patah for Ghani Othman. Your prediction has come to pass – the ‘kongsi kuasa’ konsep of the Perikatan is dead.
The Chinese electorate decreed this outcome when they voted en bloc for the opposition in GE13.
You oughtn’t be sentimental, Tun. The old MCA of Tan Cheng Lock, Tan Siew Sin and Ling Liong Sik’s eras is long gone. Just as you say Umno culture has changed, so has MCA ubah as well.
MCA hanya tinggal jasad dalam BN. Jiwanya sudah lama melayang. Jangan pula Umno nak pikul biawak hidup.
It claims to have one million members but I’m convinced that the majority of the MCA dormant membership voted opposition. They will do likewise in GE14 because they aspire for a Chinese-dominated government to rule and only DAP can deliver on this hope.
I fear that MCA will be one of the causes for BN losing.
The tsunami on 5 May 2013 wiped out the MCA in all the Chinese-majority areas. There is no way the Chinese electorate will return to the party anytime in the near future. If anything, Chinese sentiment against the MCA has hardened even further.
The Chinese are no longer meaningfully represented by “7-Eleven” MCA in the federal legislative assembly and DUNs. And MCA in the BN most certainly does not represent the Chinese voice.
Click to enlarge table
Giving Malay-majority seats to the MCA to contest is as good as handing over these constituencies to the opposition gift-wrapped and tied with a bow. MCA will lose every single one in GE14 because the party is emphatically rejected by pro-establishment Malays.
In the past, Umno supporters voted MCA because the Chinese party stood on the dacing symbol. Today however, Malays no longer consider MCA as having BN interests at heart.
Instead Malays see the Chinese as inveterate gamblers who are willing to go for ‘All or Nothing’. By swinging 90 percent to DAP-Pakatan, the Chinese have chosen not to hedge their bets. It is a complete withdrawal of support from the BN.
MCA president Liow Tiong Lai whispers in Najib's ear
MCA president Liow Tiong Lai and his deputy Wee Ka Siong are hugely unpopular among the Chinese.
MCA leaders are unable to play a stabilizing role in maintaining harmonious race relations except provide the photo ops of tossing yee sang during Chinese New Year with their Umno counterparts.
The appointment of Liow, Wee and their associates as ministers has not legitimized the BN as a “multiracial” coalition in the eyes of the Chinese.
Having MCA politicians lend their pasty faces to the BN multicultural facade in the peninsula is just window dressing. There is no substance to this superficial display.
Najib, the head of the Cabinet, is still treated by the Chinese with the same contempt that Tunku was by the Chinese despite the latter bowing to their demands, for example in 1969 commuting the death sentence of 11 subversives who had killed a Malay prison warden.
Dear Tun, you have cautioned that religious conflict might break out in our country.
We have lived through Sino-Malay acrimony for the better part of a century and survived the May 13 race riots. It is Christian-Muslim animosity that is the present powder keg with the potential of exploding.
Please note that DAP is under the thumb of an evangelical Christian-inclined leadership.
A next eruption of violence is likely due to religion than race. As an indication, hudud and kalimah Allah are fought over with greater ferocity than the dispute over Chinese schools.
Recently the government amended the Sedition Act to clamp down on incitement that “appears to be promoting feeling of ill will, hostility or hatred between persons or groups of persons on the ground of religion“.
This ‘religion’ clause is something new. Previously the Sedition Act only covered inciting hatred on the grounds of race and class.
If the Malays are feeling besieged and prompting Umno to stiffen the Sedition Act, it is because they feel that their religion is under siege.
Most of the provocation against Islam comes from Christian extremists. It is a worldwide trend and the pattern is identical in Malaysia.
The Star and its bintang lima logo
The MCA media is Gunting dalam Lipatan and operated by a Nest of Evangelistas. Do recall that under your watch, The Star newspaper was suspended in October 1987 for fomenting racial tensions.
MCA must be viewed as complicit in the actions of its sneaky Star Media Group. It is this MCA press that is far more influential over public opinion than the seven MCA Parliamentarians sitting in the Dewan Rakyat.
The MCA media is in fact quite unhinged in its pro-DAP bias. The skewed Stareditors tweeted 10 times, over the span of 24 hours, the appointment of Hannah Yeoh as Selangor Speaker.
tionglai najib
Najib accosted by Star CEO Wong Chun Wai
Malays remain divided in their political loyalties. Nonetheless the equation is shifting. It is no longer the Chinese who tip the scale with their votes. We know the Chinese voted 90 percent for ABU. They have already inflicted the maximum damage that is within their capacity to exert.
It is PAS that is the new kingmaker. Hence there is no reason to have to tolerate MCA’s treachery and The Star‘s backstabbing anymore. Chinese voters cannot erode the standing of the BN any further than evidenced by the GE13 results where they did their worst.
On the contrary, BN will be able to recover lost ground if Umno were to take back the Malay-majority seats from the MCA. And this is what Umno must do.
And Umno clearly must neutralize The Star too.
Yours sincerely,
Helen Ang

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