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Friday, April 17, 2015


Najib's transformation is almost complete - into a demi god. His die-hard supporter, MP Bera implied such, "If you don't believe Najib, you don't believe Allah." 

What did Najib really say in the sumpah? Is the sumpah inclusive that he did not give the order?

Najib said he does not know Altantatuya. Is it the truth? Bala's statutary declaration stated otherwise! Singapore may have some evidence.

Ada pengikut setia membabi buta menyekutukan Najib dengan Allah.

Aminkan dia yang tidak erti bahasa agar sedar.

Aminkan pemerintah yang membawa keruntuhan negara disisirkan. 

Aminkan the Panda King and his gravy train of cronies to choot-choot down to where they originally belong.  

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