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Thursday, April 16, 2015


Jho Low, said to be one of the main actors in the 1MDB megascandal is told to shut up? 

1. He knows too much. 
2. He got plenty of evidence that could be used to blackmail people.
3. He implicated others in the wrongdoings of 1MDB including the BOD. Why he is being targeted?
4. Other people are said to have siphoned out billions of dollars. He could name names and reveal all.

By whom?
By those at the high levels in 1MDB - somebody got to ask Jho Low not to blow his horn.

Who ask UMNO Penang and Pemuda to shut up and not to investigate Jho Low? The 1MDB scoundrels surely do not want the worms to be out of the can.

Mahathir has set the trap and UMNO has taken the bait. When Jho Low gets into the fray, more secrets will be out. There will be more questions than answers.

Jho Low would not want to be back so soon for safety reasons. In the case of Sirul, who gave the order?

Anyway, he is high-living in Hong Kong, New York, Hollywood, London and elsewhere with skimpy ladies hugging him.

The ghosts of Mongolia, Lithuania, and Kyrgyzstan are hovering for revenge blood!

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