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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bila Belanda minta tanah, kadok naik junjung: Mar 21 2010

Sustainable Living Institute (SAVE) said...

The Malays need to take challenges. They should not take the easy way as exemplified in many instances be it in education, business, skills, administration etc.

Definitely we have lost much time and time is not with us anymore. We are in peril. We have to make everyone count. In other countries the mindset in upbringing is that an individual potential is limitless. "Baik-baik bawa mobil pak, mana tau terlanggar budak yang bakal jadi presiden," I once heard.

The angst and pangs in the Malay world are varied in form and degree. Each nation-state not in a strong position to help others near or far.

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