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Monday, March 8, 2010

Pemerintah sedia mengahadapi risiko politik: Mar 6 2010


This is the age of sloganeering and rebranding! Very true indeed of what Dr Mahathir said about half-past sixes in control of the country. They haven't learn anything with their many years in the cabinet.

They talk big and feel safe for themselves least for the meantime. Bangsa is dispensible. We must catch votes!

Out of his own doing Najib now has to shoulder many biawak hidup. Things can't go right for him and worse the RAKYAT suffers with all these people putting trash ideas.

The economic situation must be that bad. My daughter teaching at Skudai was instructed to bring students for swimming competiton at Batu Pahat. She can't claim mileage, food and lodging! The Pengetua said that classroom fans can be only switched on after 10am.

What is this PERMATA scheme with RM millions being allocated? High performance schools to be given RM1 million? Much salary increase for Pengetua who performed well? Don't we know that it is the ordinary teachers who slog even weekends to bring up the name of the school? The Pengetuas are always out of office to attend meetings and courses.

Many of our government systems are suffering from sustainability crisis. Talk is cheap.

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