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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Proton's progress: March 2 2010

By al-Din on March 2, 2010 10:24 AM

That's the way to go Proton, F1, Lotus. Viva Mahathir. Proton will roll out hybrid cars soon! Can we have more Petronas-Proton link-ups in developing frontier technologies and commercialization?

Ya, they have RM4 worth of brains, the side-burned bullfrog and the mastertoadlah.

For long term sustainability we must develop a maintenance culture which is now lacking. We like to remove and renew leaving little history left for generations to come to learn.

For long term sustainability we want leaderships with vision. The right vision that is.

The last time when I was with a research organisation (10 years ago), the leadership was harping on downsizing and not expanding in order to cater for the complex demands of food supply for the continously growing population. The leaderships' written English was horrible and yet their dissertation was voluminous! They won't allow us to publish in foreign journals.

Working in an another institution, the leadership (dean) is a Datuk professorship with a khalwat case! I hear a worse case at UNISEL. If these are the kind of leadership being promoted and maintained those in the higher echalons are not doing their job and should be removed. People can go but institutions must stay.

Malaysia wants to be self-sufficient in rice since mid-seventies and now by 2015. It is easy to proclaim such but what are the strategies and groundworks? Rice is not an easy crop to grow for from the minuscule to the beasts - virus, fungi, snails, birds, buffaloes, and climate - flood, drought, wind, pollution can lay a claim on the crop.

Malaysia is in dire need to establish a national rice research institute along the model of the successful Malaysian Palm Oil Board if we really care for the staple food of generations to come.

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