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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

MEB: Pemerintah sedia menghadap risiko politik: Mar 6 2010

al-Din-amin said...

The proposed MEB and the proclaimed Ekuinas, 1Malaysia, PERMATA etc are all poorly justified or unjustified heavyweights that are going to sink UMNO, Melayu , Barisan and rakyat as a whole into an economic and political mess. Malaysia may develop into a half-way failed state. What is this endless sloganeering?

By taking in corrupts, have-beens, non-performers Najib has fallen into his own foolhardy doing – an entrapment he can't extricate himself. But we can do that service for him! To many Malays he and his ignoramus group are a liability to UMNO. The invitable cure is Najib has to go willingly. Ku Li is waiting.

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