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Friday, March 5, 2010

Jom menysahkan manusia Subramaniam: mar 3 2010


It is good that the government is taking measures to provide basic welfare governance to millions of legal migrant workers. They pay annual levi.

However, when the Minister proposes to have lessons for the employers then he is acting like a headmaster. Distributing booklets containing guidelines for the employers to adhere to would suffice.

What is important is that these workers should have ready access to an established avenues at district and state levels for them to report to (apart from their employers) when they have problems or need assistance.

Regulations must be enforced to ensure that they are being treated fairly especially by their agents, employers and in terms of wages, shelter, medical, religous and other basic needs.

For the Muslim workers they should not work in restaurants or residences serving pork. We are lax on these. Who bears the burden of dosa?

A standing national committee or body consisting of members from various ministries/agencies headed by the Labour Minister would set the policies, regulations, enforcement, reporting etc. to oversea that workers are not treated as slaves.

For a sustainable development of the country we surely need them in a long time to come.

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