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Friday, April 4, 2014


The Japanese army first landed at Patani, Thailand on 8 Dec 1941 followed by another at Pengkalan Chepa, Kelantan.

Bombing of oil storage at Bukom Island, Singapore.

Gen. Yamashita and Gen. Suzuki visiting destroyed areas.

British army surrendered after 70 days of Japanese attack.

In Perak - Sultan Abdul Aziz, Raja Muda Yusof, and Japanese soldiers.

Source: book by Mohd. Zamberi A. Malek.

At the rate things are going on in the country who's our next conqueror to be? The US has practically its left foot in here but China, its bamboo curtain removed is getting fidgety with the former's hegemony. Between the two devils, which is a lesser evil? Your choice. Actually, we do not have a choice, the choice will be enforced on us.

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