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Wednesday, April 9, 2014


A thorough audit report should be made on the Finance Minister who is also the PM, Najib the pretender. It is common knowledge of his debilitating wastages of rakyat's money:

RM7.2 billion for 5 years of foreign consultancy
RM65 million for renovation of residence at Putrajaya
RMmillions? - by-elections
What about during his Defence Ministry days? The two submarines are not deployed for SAR. Why?

His wife, a non-government servant:
RM300 jet expenditure to Dubai
RM111 for Permata

The wastages highlighted in the audit report is of no consequence to the culprits because they follow by example. The Scribe aka A. Kadir Jasin put it in his posting "... bapak borek anak rintek...".

Najib will add more to the RM500,000,000,000 national debt. As a leader that he is not fit to govern the country. He should resign. What is there niceties when the country is going down and down?

SAVE's take on the pretender:

1. The GLC bloody suckers!!                  3.30.14
2. Raw hatred for UMNO                        3.26.14
3. Najib gila kuasa mutlak                        3.22. 14
4. What Najib should know about scout   2.28.14
5. Kangkong and Elizabeth 1 compared   1.17.14
6. Prologo la tragedia si Najib                   1.12.14

7. Analysing Najib when young                12.22.13
8. What Najib should know about papacy and crusades   11.27.13
9. Najib-Muhyi don't see beyond nose bridges                  10.23.13
10 Beginning of the end of tanah air          9.28.13
11. Of lapdogs and Najib's animal farm     9.22.13
12. Melayu butuh tongkat                          9.15.13
13. Checkmate Najib milking the nation    9.4.13
14. Tiada esok bagi mu                              7.22.13
15. Najib sakan BABI, lupakan LDatu, Seks ...                  7.6.13
16. Najib, the pretender                              6.25.13
17. Najib no better than Dolah                   5.6.13
18. Pope resigned, dalils for Najib              3.7.13
19. Najib is a coward                                  3.2.13
20. Najib and his fiat money                       2.26.13

21. Najib scared shit to cross Rubicon        11.25.12
22. Chapter 11 for Najib                             9.9.12
23. Nah, nah, nah ...                                    7.27.12
24. Melayu dimuka tebalkan                        7.1.12
25. After diamonds, handbags or shoes       6.12.12
26. Red spittum for Bersih 5                        6.26.12
27. Bersih 5.0 - mother of all Bersihs          5.2.12
28. Malays bastardized by weak leaders      4.22.12
29. Najib's tunnel vision                               1.8.12

30. UMNO not NEP bastardized the Malays                           10.27.11
31. Up 1finger - tracing antiquity                  10.17.11
32. Following Najib: Vatican                        9.8.11
33. 1what? Give the finger                           8.17.11
34. Beraja di Johor, jangan di hati                 5.19.11

Give the pretender another term, there would be nothing left for the next generation!

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