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Thursday, April 10, 2014


(Revised version of MH370 - what mangosteen?)

1. Mangosteens cargo? It's a farce.

The IGP reported that 3 tonnes of mangosteen was amongst the cargo of MH370. How could that be? The major fruit season was over months ago.  Durian, rambutan, and mangosteen share the same season. We do not see them in the market now. So, what mangosteen? And the Thais do not have mangosteens yet for export.

Talk of mangosteens exploding in MH370! Unless they are hand grenades in the guise of mangosteens. Fermenting tempoyak, budu, cencalok, chili bol, air tapai may create enough pressure and heat may explode in glass or plastic bottles.

Why the false claim on the mangosteen cargo unless it is something top secret that it must not fall into the wrong hands otherwise to be destroyed?

2. Was it that among the passengers one/several need to be eliminated because of knowing too much?

3. MH370 could have been taken over by remote control that over ride the plane's computer system and hence the pilot's control of the plane. The apparatus that work jointly with the ground remote control can be installed in the plane when undergoing servicing or repairs.

The drone technology that fly to precise destinations and fire missiles is nothing compared to the Houston Control Center, Texas that guides spacecrafts to outer space . It would be of no surprise that MH370 was diverted to its doom by remote control.

The two planes that simultaneously crashed into WTC of 9/11with such precision and timing were likely to be under remote control.

4. Why the U-turn? Was Twin Towers the target?

The four flights of 9/11 made some kind of U turns - AA Flight 11, UA Flight 175 both from Boston that missiled into WTC, UA Flight 93, and AA Flight 77.

Why the Petronas Twin Towers the target? Reasons: a) highest landmark in the region making it easier to zero onto, b) national symbol and pride for Malaysia, c) Petronas would lose billions and making it dependent on foreign help to recoup, d) world sensational effect.

4. Execute Plan B because Plan A (to smash into Twin Towers) failed.

Having missed the Twin Towers, MH370 has to be diverted into the Southern Indian Ocean to destroy the whole plane along with the secret cargo/passengers leaving no evidence.

5. It must be a long preplanned job by the plotters. Was it a show to test their technological capability? Or, was there indeed something secret to get rid off in the plane? They could have done it with or without complicity with person(s) in the plane. The world is at their mercy!!

6. Why the pilot is obsessed with a flight simulator in his house? He has clocked thousands of hours of flight, it would be boring to be on a simulator unless wanting to familiarise with unusual flight routes. The simulator as a hobby is far-fetched idea!

Walla hu a'lam.

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