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Thursday, April 17, 2014


Karpal is dead. Who is going to replace the roar of the tiger?

Anwar. He is a hot potato being Penang born, versatile and fond of dancing to Tamil music. 

He knows what Karpal knew about his sex life and other damaging secrets.

The threat of exposure if not blackmail has gone forever. What a relief. He is free to become the most powerful political figure in PR perhaps.

Why should he fight his wife for the PKR presidency? He should focus on becoming the MP of Bkt. Gelugor in the forthcoming by-election. Take the challenge.

Known for his tiger prowess, he could  become the tiger king of Penang.

The road to Putrajaya will be more open for his aim to be the tiger king of the country.

He is also a master pretender, a chameleon  to be exact. Can he take over the clueless people and goons running amok in the country? 

The country is regressing at many levels. The rakyat are in pain for better governance.
Beware, whoever walks arrogantly on the surface of this earth the punishment is sudden and answerable to the Almighty the Maker.

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