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Friday, April 25, 2014


Sikhs are Punjabis.

Singing duo, rap Singh style.

Tying the turban.

There were two Sikh headmasters during my time at Tunku Besar Secondary School, Tampin. One was turbanless and the other Joginder Singh Jessy, a famous historian who wrote "The History of Malaya and Southeast Asia" had turban. I could remember the face of the former because he looked fierce.

The latter, however lined us hostelites one morning and whacked everyone on the buttocks with a big cane as punishment for a mischief done. The food served in the previous evening was ikan bilis which we had one too many. Some seniors told us to throw the food on the table and everybody did just that!

I know Dr. Harnam Singh personally, a well known ENT who did tympanoplasty on both my ears in the early 70's just after he retired from General Hospital, KL. With the ear membranes patched up my hearing improved. I am very grateful to him for that.

Next week we have an appointment with Dr. Manmohan Singh, HKL perhaps the finest spinal surgeon in Malaysia, not on spinal matter though.

The last bullock cart owner in Cameron Highlands in the mid 90s was a Sikh who transported sand, bricks and other materials. A bullock cart owner at Batu Gajah is a Sikh. In Tg. Tualang, there used to be large buffalo herds owned by Sikhs. I had some years of running battle with a herder and his keep. The buffaloes broke through the barbed wire fence, swam across lakes into my 10ac farm destroying whatever I planted. Finally, I gave up the land.

Pahul initiation ceremony into the khalsa brotherhood.

Seva or sewa -selfless service to the community.

The first Guru meeting the last Guru.

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