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Saturday, April 19, 2014


The legend of the king of Rock 'n Roll lives. There are hundreds of Elvis impersonators around even here.

Perchance we were in Memphis, Tennessee end of August last. Greg kindly drove us around Memphis and we visited the Sun Studio where Elvis began his singing career.

The Sun Studio is a red brick building, fairly small and located by a corner along a roadside.

Once inside the studio visitors are given a lively and entertaining story of Elvis journey to super stardom. Much of his memorabilia are being displayed - photos of his famous mentors and music friends in his early years.

Microphones and other musical instruments on display.

On the verge of getting famous, signing autographs.

Yeah, the king and his quartet. His unmistakable trademark of singing but later much gyrating.

A souvenir shop and bar selling drinks and snacks at the entrance of the building.

I may listen to his songs but never attempt to sing.

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