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Monday, April 28, 2014


Barack Obama's middle name is Hussein. Barack is a short version of the Arabic word barakah. Remember Mubarak, Egypt?

In the above light, to call him Barack, the first name instead of Obama may bring barakah (berkat). He said no hoodooh for Malaysia. That is what he meant to be fair to the other races.

He also said that Myanmar should be fair to the Muslims. Has Najib, a moderate Muslim as he call himself ever dare to say that?

Is Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim, at least at heart? Extract from Barack's book 'Dreams from My Father' in which he acknowledged being a Muslim at that point of time.

Left: Hussein, Barack's father sitting on his mother's lap. Barack's is father died from a motor accident in hometown Africa, the former did not get to meet him.

Right: Barack's mother with her father.

Just wishful thinking. May be Barack is not a Muslim at all. He cannot claim being one for he would be labelled as a terrorist at the least if not killed. Wonder if that was the case with Michael Jackson?

Walla hu a'lam.

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